Dr. Wright graduated from the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine in 1999 and completed a residency in diagnostic radiology at Auburn University in 2003.

After completion of his residency he worked for several years as a staff radiologist in prominent referral hospitals including The Massachusetts Veterinary Referral Hospital in Woburn, MA.

Dr. Wright witnessed first hand the transition from film radiology to digital radiology and became an active voice in veterinary radiology as an early proponent of digital imaging, imaging informatics, and veterinary imaging standards. Through his digital radiography SHOWDOWN and Animal Insides website, he played a key role in bringing DICOM to veterinary radiology and, as a result, making widespread, independent, teleradiology a reality in veterinary medicine.

His main contribution to veterinary medicine was the development DVMinsight, a teleradiology platform independent radiologists around the world use to manage their businesses and provide teleradiology services to their clients.

IDEXX acquired DVMinsight and Animal Insides in 2011.  Dr. Wright spent 8 years managing DVMinsight as an employee at IDEXX and continued to offer his opinions about imaging, life as a veterinary radiologist, and veterinary radiology in general to radiologists around the world as the primary contributor to Animalinsidesradiology.com

Dr. Wright has reviewed numerous journal articles, lectured extensively on the national stage, and published several books including Radiation Safety and Positioning, A Technicians Guide to Digital Radiography, Purchasing Digital Radiography Without Getting Your Head Handed To You, The Little Book of CT in Veterinary Medicine, and Breedfreak: The Dog Breed Guide for Normal People with Real Lives, Families, Houses, and Budgets.

In early 2019, Dr. Wright decided to step away from the national stage to focus on personal interests and local business as a radiologist in San Diego. Dr. Wright continues to consult with independent and corporate radiology groups helping them build their business and serve their clients.